Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the new one

the new one!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004


So my iBook took a little flight from Anchorage, Alaska down to Indianapolis, indiana. Now if I was still living in Detroit this would be just dandy but since I moved to California this is a little disturbing. If Alaska is the stop between Taiwan and the continental USA, wouldn't it make sense they would have a flight going down to LAX? It does not make financial sense for them to send it all the way to Indianapolis, store it for the weekend, and then ship it back to the west coast on Monday. It also does not make sense customer service-wise to ship it across the continent and back and take an extra day or two.
Sounds to me like FedEx needs to work on two things: first, the time zone issue, and second the crazy shipping routes.
I hear the story all the time of how the dude that started FedEx was in some entreupenuer class, submitted his business plan for FedEx, got a D on it, dropped out of school, and started a very successful company. I always thought 'wow what an idiot is prof was' but now I'm thinking 'wow that prof was smart and FedEx dude is an idiot and he should've listened to what his prof said'
It's kind of depressing how my "I'M GETTING AN iBOOK!!!!" blog has turned into "THIS IS MY RANT ON HOW MUCH FEDEX SUCKS"

4pm Update: my iBook left the sort facility in Indianapolis at 4pm EST. I guess it's not so bad if they work weekeneds. Hopefully it'll get here early.

Friday, November 19, 2004

on American soil

FedEx really needs to fix it's game. They give times in the time zone of the package. So at 8:30pm tonight my package arrived at the FedEx ramp in the CKS International Airport in Taiwan. What's more crazy is that at 1:48pm (5 minutes ago)it arrived in Anchorage, Alaska. I understand what's going on it just takes a lot more thinking than if they asked you what time zone you were in and calculated all the times in that time zone.
I'm hoping it leaves on a truck or plane from Alaska today so it will get to California over the weekend. I'm guessing that Monday they'll find it at the San Francisco warehouse and put it on a truck for the LA or OC warehouse. It will get there Tuesday and then hopefully Tuesday (but probably Wednesday) they'll deliver it.
Unfortunately I just found out I'm working on Wednesday from noon to 6pm. I'm not quite sure how this works since I don't get home from school until 2:30, but it might be the whole time zone thing again.
I guess I am just thankful that my iBook is on American soil. It makes me feel like it will be coming soon.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


So I got my FedEx tracking number and this is what it said when I came home from lunch at noon today (the 18th):

Nov 18, 2004 10:24 pm

Arrived at FedEx Ramp


5:47 pm

Left FedEx Origin Location


5:15 pm

Pickup status


Unfortunately this is in TST (Taipei Standard Time) and it is already 9am over there. I'm hoping that "arrived at fedex ramp" implies "tossed into cargo plane" and "departed for the usa" but I'm guessing my iBook is just sitting on the runway in Taiwan. The estimated arrival date/time is still next Wednesday at 10:30a so I hope their guess is still correct. My Dad (the dude with the credit card) comes home tomorrow so I bet he'll ask for his money and when he does I can ask for some ram. I'm super excited about getting my iBook but a little nervous about it only having 256mb of ram until I get my extra 512.
On a better note, my iBook meets all the system requirements except the 3 button mouse w/mouse driver. I'm hoping there is a workaround for that because I'm already starting a list of additions that I really cannot afford:
I got a lot of advice about Office from spymac.com. Most people agree it is necessary and if I can't afford it I should definitely download it. Unfortunately, I have plans for this computer to be completely free of everything illegal. I realize it will be very difficult but I think I can handle it. I won't put any illegal music on there and no illegal software. Note: I'm not saying I have anything illegal on any of my other computers or that I've ever done anything illegal, I'm just saying that the peer pressure of downloading illegal software and music is very great, especially from the happy online community of spymac.
I find it quite annoying that Blogger sets the post time as the time you click the New Entry link. I get distracted with my fake ADD that it takes me 10 or 20 minutes to write a post and my fake OCD makes me very annoyed when the post time is when I started as opposed to when I finished. I think I'm going to start another blog about the random events in my life (as opposed to the Mac events in my ilife)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

No New News

So there isn't any new news from the front lines. It still says estimated ship date on or before 11/17. Well that's today and it's already 3:20pm.
My dad flew up to San Jose today and apparently forgot to ask me for the money. I still have $1,800 and an iBook in the mail!
I haven't ordered the ram from crucial yet. I think I'll do it as soon as my dad makes me pay up for the iBook.
I have to stop spending so much money on lunch and weekends. I'm only going to keep a few dollars in my wallet so I don't spend as much. I'm also going to come home for lunch every day instead of hitting up the taco chains of southern california.
Today was a late start day so I had a huge discussion on spymac about my iBook. Everything looks pretty darn good right now. I just have to play nice and keep it in the seperate pocket of my backpack. They also convinced me to hope I get it before next Wednesday because Thursday is Thanksgiving and if it is delayed at all I won't get it until November 29th or 30th!! That would ruin my week and bring my opinion of apple and our mail service down a couple of notches. Right now I have faith in them!
I think in the confirmation email it says the order status is within one business day. So they might've shipped it out early this morning and I won't find out about it until tomorrow. One can only hope for so much.
I've been reading a lot about the Macs, from apple.com and from other websites (spymac, osnews, zdnet, etc.). I won't have to waste so much time doing nothing once I get my iBook! I can distract myself doing the stuff I'm supposed to be doing!
I have to do a German oral on December 1st. Some IB prep thing. Luckily I get to do it on Maxon and 3d animation in Germany. I'm hoping to bring in my mac and give everyone a breif presentation because she said nobody has ever used visual aids before. I might have to splurge (even after the ram and ibook) on the $20 tv-out adapter so I can use it at school. Most classes have projectors but not German.
I can't wait until I get my Mac!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I ordered an iBook!!!

So my dad decided that if I promise to do my homework the day it is assigned and finish major projects a week early he'll let me use his credit card to order my iBook. Yes!!
So I ordered it, but forgot about the $73.55 in tax. It should be shipped out tomorrow and take five business days to get here. That means I should have it the day before thanksgiving! I hope it comes early since I'm only a few hours south of the bay.

I ordered my Mac!!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

I need what?!?!?!

So I got over the laryngitis by 9am. The iBook on amazon.com was sold last night so I'm going for the $949 student discout 12" combo drive iBook from apple.com.
I went to the apple store with my dad with my check book. I was getting my mac! Chris was there and on Saturday he said we might be able to work around the whole "enrolled" in a university as opposed to applied and 99% sure admitted. His manager - some fat lady with a weird smile - said I had to have an acceptance letter. Thanks, I'll be back in a day or two. NOT! I wish I had a credit card to order it online.
I can't wait until I get my BYU acceptance letter. They say on or before Dec 15th. My SVU acceptance letter should come a lot sooner because I'm already guaranteed a $6,000 scholarship if I go there.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I can't talk!

I woke up with Laryngitis. I can't talk so I might as well think!
I've decided to get an extra 512mb ram from crucial.com (hopefully the parents will help with that one). It will cost only $137+s&h as opposed to $180 from apple.com. I also decided I want to get the computer from amazon.com because it is $100 cheaper and basically brand new.
Hopefully tomorrow I will convince my parents to let me borrow the credit card and order it!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Visit to the Apple Store

So today I visited the Apple Store Mission Viejo. My dad and I talked to Chris. He was a decent salesman, a great mac fanatic, and not such a great computer nerd. At the end my dad finally realized Apple has real stores, it wasn't just a Best Buy or CompUSA with Apple products. He asked a lot of silly questions that Chris answered very well and then I asked a few that he had a little bit more trouble with. Apple Stores are very busy on Saturday afternoons. I can't wait until I get my Mac!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Parents say no...but I say YES!

So my parents decided that I would be better off not buying a computer until after my mission. But in the end they admit that I have my free agency and they won't stop me from buying one. Then they said it's good to learn from your mistakes while you're still at home. Thanks mom and dad. I never heard the "I just want what's best for you" or "I'm saying no because I love you so much." My parents are smarter than most.

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